Step away from the distractions


Photo credit: flicker/bcmom

If you think about it, we’re only alive for a very short period of time. For the billions of years that the universe has and will be in existence, you and I will most likely not even see 100 of them. So it’s crucially important to make sure that every minute or every hour is spent in a way that we won’t regret.

Now, I’m not saying to become irresponsible and quit your job to start a cupcake company (although I won’t stop you…)  What I am saying is to consciously think about the things you do, and whether what you’re doing right now is a good use of your most precious commodity: your time.

In particular, there are few giant time wasters that I think we all need to cut back on: television, the internet, and video games.   Now, there are certainly good and productive things to do with each of these mediums – for instance, watching PBS documentaries or using the internet for research are both educational and useful.  But let’s be honest, we only do that for a small fraction of our time.

Instead, we log onto the internet, and go to sites like reddit or facebook so that we can see pictures of cats doing stupid things (or friends doing stupid things).   I for one, love a good cat picture, but what I don’t love is spending 3 hours looking at cat pictures only to realize that an entire evening had just gone to waste. The internet is an absolute addiction.

Instead, I want you to try something.  I want you to go on an entertainment diet.  You don’t have to go cold turkey, but please try and cut back.  Limit internet browsing for fun to just 30 minutes at the end of your night.  Make it a treat after a hard earned day. If you watch alot of television, then choose just 2-3 tv shows to follow each week, and make it a point to only watch those shows and turn off the tv when they’re done.

What you’ll realize quickly is that you’ll have a lot more time on your hands – time that can be used to learn new things, enjoy with great friends, and overall be a happier and more fulfilled person.   Just think, how many people as they are lying on their death bed have this thought: “I’m so glad I took the time to watch the housewives of Orange County?”