Are you rich? Scientists suggest you probably don’t know how to enjoy life

I’m a big believer that there is more to life than having nice toys and enjoying expensive wine.  I’ve always felt that the richest people are those who have genuine relationships with others and have had meaningful experiences to look back upon.  Both things, which require very little money.

So, it’s no surprise to me that researchers would agree that money doesn’t buy happiness, well, sort of.  Part of their argument suggests that those who are more affluent (make over $300,000/year) fail to enjoy the smaller things in life because they are more preoccupied with their money.

If you are one of the fortunate 1%, they do have tips suggesting how you can lead a ‘happier life’.  Tips that I think apply to everyone.  Mainly they suggest how your dollars may be better spent, such as:

  • spending our money on activities that help us grow as a person (taking guitar lessons, investing in an entrepreneurial venture), strengthen our connections with others (dinners with colleagues, car trips with friends, roller blades for mom and child), and contribute to our communities (catering a fundraiser, donating to the needy);
  • shelling it out on activities and experiences (e.g., rock climbing expeditions, wine tasting family reunions) rather than material possessions;
  • spending it on many small pleasures (e.g., regular massages, weekly delivery of fresh flowers, or frequent phone calls to our best friend in Europe) rather than on one big-ticket item (like a new car or flat-screen TV); and
  • splurging on something that we work extremely hard to get and have to wait for (whether it’s a concert, trip, or gadget) and relish the feeling of hard-won accomplishment and anticipation as we wait.

All things which we here at the WakeupList approve of, whether you have deep pockets or not.

For more information you can find the Scientific American article here >>