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About WakeupList.com

Wakeuplist is a free online bucketlist making tool. We originally built this for ourselves as a way to keep track of all the amazing things we wanted to do in life. Wakeuplist is different from other bucketlist sites in that we casually remind you (only once every 90 days) via e-mail about all the great things on your list. You can also browse and add ideas from other’s lists.

We don’t spam or sell your information, and we only ask for your name and e-mail so we know how to send you your list. We hope you like it!

Creating your own bucketlist is extremely easy…

Step 1. Sign up.  We only ask for your first name (or whatever you’d like to be called) and your e-mail address so that we know where to send you your list in the future.

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Step 2. Add life goals to your list.  We recommend be as specific as possible so that you can have a clear target and know when you’ve achieved it.  Add each goal seperately.


Step 3. Browse the site to see what other people have for goals.  When logged in, you can add their goals to your list if you like them!


Step 4. Share your list with your friends via Twitter or Facebook.


Step 5. Go off and make the most of your life.  Every 90 days (once each quarter) we will send you your list via e-mail.  You can come back to the site to add more goals or mark the ones you’ve accomplished.  But most importantly, you can be reminded and get back on track to living the life you’ve always wanted.

We really hope you can make the most of this site, we’d like to think in a small way we’re making the world a better place!