Questions that are not yet frequently asked but we think could be...

What's a wakeup list?

A wakeup list is basically a bucket list. What's a bucket list? It's a list of things you'd really like to complete or accomplish before you kick the bucket (i.e. die.)

Why isn't this site called or

Because we didn't grab those domains in time, and someone is squatting on them. Since was available, we decided it was an even better name since it has a more positive word association, and doesn't necessarily remind you that you're going to die.

So what's the point of this site?

Simple. You get to create a list of the things you'd like to do before you leave this awesome planet.

Can't I just do that with notepad? Or draft an e-mail to myself?

Of course you can. But with us, you can also share your list with friends, and browse other people's lists too.

And most importantly, every 90 days we'll send you an e-mail which we hope will remind you of all the things you're working so hard for. (let's see notepad do that!)

We're pretty sure that we all have a list like this somewhere. We just thought we'd make it a little bit more easy and fun for everyone to keep one.

Does this site cost anything? How will you make money?

If you can figure out a business model for this, please let us know! No seriously, this site was built as a fun social tool/experiment. It took less than a weekend for us to build. And it should be cheap enough for us to host, that we're doing it just for fun. If we ever found a way to make money off of this without pissing off our users, we'll throw a cookie party.